Representative Assembly

The Representative Assembly is the democratic body of Koach LaOvdim and is authorized to make any decision regarding the organization. The Representative Assembly convenes about four times a year and is authorized to make decisions on strategic issues related to the development of the entire organization. The Assembly consists of representatives and committees in the ratio of one representative to every 50 organized members in the workplace.
Committee members are elected from within the Representative Assembly—the Audit Committee, the Elections Committee, the Court and the organization’s leadership. The Assembly also approves the annual budget, strategic and policy plans, and can vote on changes in the organization’s regulations.
The Assembly has three committees: The Finance Committee outlines the budget of the entire organization and its policy on the use of funds; The Welfare Committee is responsible for developing the welfare of all members of the organization; and the Committee for the Advancement of Gender Equality, whose goal is to assimilate gender equality among the branches and the organization.

Chairman of the Assembly: elected once a year by the members of the Assembly. The Chairman chairs the meetings of the Assembly and is a key partner in determining its agenda, and the chairman serves as an address for the members of the Assembly and as the liaison between the Assembly and the other institutions of the Organization.

Current Chairman of the Assembly: Udi Arnon, Workers’ Committee of the New Israel Fund—Shatil.