Koach LaOvdim – the only democratic trade union in Israel

Koach LaOvdim is the only trade union in Israel that operates democratically. The organization’s charter requires the democratic election of committee members. Each committee has the right to decide on any matter relating to it, including the signing of a collective agreement and the start and end of a strike. Any collective agreement formulated vis á vis the employer is put to the vote of all organized employees as a condition for its approval. In addition, the Representative Assembly, which is the organization’s leadership, has representation of every committee in Koach LaOvdim, according to its relative size. The values of the organization are committed to safeguarding the interests of all workers. The organization and the means at its disposal are committed to acting solely on behalf of the members and workers it represents.

Koach LaOvdim is a long-standing and professional organization. The organization provides professional guidance in all aspects of the organizational process, including consultation in formulating requirements and the conduct of negotiations, assistance in building a long-term employee leadership, creating a stable and functioning workers’ committee, managing labor disputes and strikes, and responding to all harassment and attacks by the employer as a result of the organizational process. The organization has experience in a wide range of employment sectors – from high-tech and financial companies to contract workers and employees in privatized services.

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