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The structure of “Koach La Ovdim”

“Koach La Ovdim” is a democratic trade union. It acts according to its constitution which ensures that the control on the organization will stay in the hands of its rank and file members. Every member of “Koach La Ovdim” that is not part of his workplace management is entitled to vote and to be elected to every office in the organization and the elections are held every year. “Koach La Ovdim” relies on its members at the workplace and key decisions regarding the day to day life and the struggles at the workplace are decided democratically by the members themselves.

Who can join “Koach La Ovdim” – Any worker in Israel, regardless of religion, race, gender, citizenship or nationality: permanent employees; temporary employees, employment agency workers, subcontractor employees etc. Social activists, students, unemployed and pensioners, who believe in the power of the workers and workers organizations to bring about the desired change, are also invited to join.

The branches – the basic unit of “Koach La Ovdim” is the branch. The branch is defined according to the member field of employment and the location of his workplace or according to his workplace in the case of medium size and large workplaces. The branch includes all the members of “Koach La Ovdim” at the workplace regardless of their employment status. A member who becomes unemployed continues to be a branch member according to his last workplace unless he has begun to work in a new job and has requested to be transfer to the branch that is active in his new workplace. A member who doesn’t have a branch at his workplace or joined as an unemployed or as a pensioner belongs to the general branch. The branches are in most cases medium size so that they can practice an effective internal democracy.

Branch delegates and the branch leadership – Branch delegate is a member of “the Delegates’ Assembly”, who is elected by the branch members and acts as their representative at the assembly. Delegates are elected annually in elections which are open to all branch members under the conditions which appear in” Koach La Ovdim” constitution. The ‘branch leadership’ is a body that is elected according to the rules set by the branch itself. However, the branch delegates are always part of the branch leadership. The branch leadership decides who will represent the branch during negotiations on a collective agreement; it represents the branch in daily contacts with the management and is the body responsible for the day to day management of the branch..

Unions – The branches can choose to create a common framework called a ‘union’. This framework can make decisions which uniquely concern its member branches in line with “Koach La Ovdim” constitution.

‘Delegates’ Assembly’ – Every branch annually elects delegates to the ‘Delegates’ Assembly’ of “Koach La Ovdim” according to its size (one delegate for every 50 members). “The Delegates’ Assembly” of “Koach La Ovdim” is the body which is authorized to reach any decision concerning the organization. However, certain decisions require the approval of all the “Koach La Ovdim” members concerned. These decisions are: a. the termination of a strike; b. the signing of a collective wage agreement; c. the branch budget.

The ‘Delegates’ Assembly’ elects annually the Central Committee, the comptroller committee, the central election committee (responsible for all the elections procedures in the organization), and the internal court (the highest judicial authority in the organization).

Koach La Ovdim Central Committee called “Zvet Irgun”. The Central Committee (Zvet Irgun) manages “Koach La Ovdim” between the meetings of the ‘Delegates’ Assembly’. There are currently 10 members in The Central Committee According to “Koach La Ovdim” constitution, at least half of the members of the team must be also members of “the Delegates’ Assembly” and at least a third of its members must be women.

Teams appointed by the Central Committee – The Central Committee appoints bodies and teams whose task is to help it to manage and strengthen “Koach La Ovdim”. These bodies include, amongst others, the media team, the  juristic team and the administrative team. In addition, The Central Committee appoints 5 regional headquarter coordinators: Haifa and the North, Tel Aviv and the Center, Jerusalem Region, The Central Plain region and Beersheba and the South. The task of the regional headquarters is to assist workers in getting organized within the framework of “Koach La Ovdim”, to assist the organization in its various activities, and to initiate agitation activities that are compatible with the “Koach La Ovdim” values.

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